COA Committees

Committee Chairperson(s) Contact #
Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
Ben Courant
Wayne Strife
860-460-9919 (B)
941-375-2400 (W)
Building, Roads & Drainage Committee VACANT
Irrigation Committee Wayne Strife 941-375-2400
Lawn, Landscape, Weed, and Pest Control Committee Ben Courant 860-460-9919 (C)
Lighting Committee Ben Courant 860-460-9919 (C)
Pool Committee George Jacobs
Ed Bowmar
734-644-8910 (G)
219-851-8680 (E)
Social Activity Group
(Tuesday Socials at 4 p.m. at Clubhouse
(weather permitting – Look for flags)
Antonia Tarabocchia
Gloria Predmore
201-321-9877 (A)
567-224-9336 (G)
Soup to Go Bob Schade 941-493-3455
Sunshine Activity Group Judy Sjogren 203-804-8373 (C)

CLICK HERE to view/print the Standing Committee Scope of Responsibilities.

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